Using up some of my gelli prints (finally! :P)

(I am seeing a trend develop here: I don’t post for a long time, then I assault you with a multitude of pictures. Terribly sorry about that :P )

I was watching some youtube videos the other day and came across Kiala Givehand’s video “book-in-a-day 19, duct tape book.” I thought it was an awesome way to use some of the loose pages I really liked, but didn’t want to fold in half. ( Kiala folded her pages to make her book, but I didn’t have any problems using just individual sheets to make mine.) Everything I needed to make my book was found in my craft room already, so I could get started right away, I hate waiting! I used a variety of papers: some long so they could be fold out pages, some smaller, some heavy, some light weight, most of them gelli prints or gelli printing clean up pages, some painted papers, a transparency, some journal pages already in progress, ect. ( it cleared out only a tiny amount of space in my gelli prints folder, but hey, I tried lol ) The lighter pages I glued together back-to-back, to help strengthen them. I used heavy boards from an old magazine holder I had for the covers. I cut the large front and back rectangle pieces apart from the sides and bottom of the holder, and sanded them because the surface was shiny and I wanted to glue papers over them. The most time consuming part of this whole process was waiting for glue to dry :/ Other than that, it was pretty quick! I used the duct tape for the spine, since I didn’t have a folded cover, and it has been holding up very well! This is, to date, my favorite handmade journal ever!

DSC_0878 (402x600)DSC_0917 (600x402) DSC_0883 (600x402) DSC_0886 (600x402) DSC_0887 (600x402) DSC_0888 (600x402) DSC_0889 (600x402) DSC_0890 (600x402) DSC_0891 (600x402) DSC_0892 (600x402) DSC_0893 (600x402) DSC_0894 (600x402) DSC_0895 (600x402) DSC_0896 (600x402) DSC_0897 (600x402) DSC_0899 (600x402) DSC_0900 (600x402) DSC_0901 (600x402) DSC_0902 (600x402) DSC_0903 (600x402) DSC_0904 (600x402) DSC_0905 (600x402) DSC_0906 (600x402) DSC_0908 (600x402) DSC_0910 (600x402) DSC_0912 (600x402) DSC_0913 (600x402) DSC_0914 (600x402) DSC_0916 (600x402) DSC_0882 (402x600) DSC_0879 (402x600)

I wasn’t too worried about page placement, I usually work on pages as singles anyway, not two-page spreads. I am seriously loving this journal, I love the weight of the heavy covers, the feel of all the painted papers, it’s awesome :)

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An overload of pages ;P

You may think that because I haven’t been blogging that I haven’t been doing art stuff, but you’d be wrong! Prepare yourself, you are about to be flooded with all of the art journal pages I have been working on! lol

These pages don’t have a particular theme, they are in fact very eclectic. Some were inspired by online classes I have been taking, others started out as gelli prints or leftover paint pages, some were test pages for different supplies, a few were inspired by techniques I saw on youtube (like Christy Sobolewski’s awesome tagology page). Some of the journal pages use scraps or packaging that otherwise would have been thrown away, there’s fold out pages and hidden pockets, washi tape, tissue paper, so much going on!! I have had a great time working on these random pages without pressure or expectations, and I love the layers that have evolved on most of the pages. The yellow washi tape in the upper right hand corners of all the pages isn’t part of the page, it’s just there so I know which way is up when working on the pages, lol :)

DSC_0893 (487x600) DSC_0907 (471x600) DSC_0906 (600x477) DSC_0908 (484x600) DSC_0910 (483x600) DSC_0914 (600x278) DSC_0917 (600x281) DSC_0921 (600x411) DSC_0925 (488x600) DSC_0927 (600x409) DSC_0928 (474x600) DSC_0930 (600x413) DSC_0931 (486x600) DSC_0932 (470x600) DSC_0933 (477x600) DSC_0934 (458x600) DSC_0935 (473x600) DSC_0936 (484x600) DSC_0937 (467x600) DSC_0938 (462x600) DSC_0939 (460x600) DSC_0940 (468x600) DSC_0941 (464x600) DSC_0942 (481x600) DSC_0943 (482x600) DSC_0946 (457x600)

The pages are random, but I am having a great time with them :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy New Year!

611 (600x600)

Just wanted to say a big “Thank You!” to everyone who follows, comments, or just stops in to check out my blog. You are very appreciated! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and has a great New Years as well :)

Take care!

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Just a quick stop in to share a peek of some of what I have been working on recently!

DSC_0869 (431x600)

A nearly finished art journal page, made over a some paint remnants and stencil clean-ups. Over the multiple stenciled layers, I added a figure by way of a mask that I cut out from a magazine ad, and went around it with some purple acrylic paint, then I added the border of black hexagons. I used a white gel pen for the journaling in the figure, and a silver gel pen for the flowers and vine doodles around the figure. The journaling is about being yourself and holding onto “you” even when the world is pressing in on you and trying to get you to be more of what “it/they” want you to be. I love how this page is coming along, the only thing I think I want to add to it is a bit more of the vine-like stencil in black that you can see along the left side.DSC_0875 (541x600)Here is one of the faces I did recently, and I really like how it turned out! I sat down to just play and I think being so relaxed and not trying too hard is what made this one come together so well. I have noticed that when I sit down with the intention to draw, I try to plan what I’m going to do and how it’s going to turn out, and that really intimidates me I think. Because if I know how I want it to turn out, and it doesn’t actually go that way, I get frustrated and put it down, instead of letting things come together in a relaxed way and just being happy with the drawing as it emerges. I have been trying to catch myself when I do that but it’s an on-going process :)

I hope all is well with you, and as the holidays are in full swing don’t get so caught up in the rush that you forget to slow down and enjoy the moment!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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A Little Linky List of Inspiration

I thought I might share a couple of the blogs I find super inspiring and check everyday, so you might find some inspiration as well! (These are art journaling/paper/painting-ish related)

  • scrappystickyinkymess MaryAnne comes up with such fun and unique ideas (often involving her gelli plate), I love seeing what she has created and I am always adding things to my “to-try” list because of her :)
  • Junquemail Contessa Casey creates beautiful pages with mostly just paper and paint that are awesome and drool worthy! She is my art journal idol :)
  • Kelly Kilmer I love the images she uses and the feelings she creates with her pages. Her pages have me hording magazines left and right hoping to be able to make some pages like hers one day!

On an unrelated note, last night while sitting on the couch, I felt like I was being watched. I looked up from what I was reading to see my kitties on either side of me, looking like this:

iPhone pictures 060 (450x600) iPhone pictures 062 (371x600)

They had already been fed, so it wasn’t dinner-time related. They may be planning something…. (0_o)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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NaNoJouMo so far

So NaNoJouMo has been kicking my butt this year :) I haven’t been able to keep up with the prompts like I wanted to but I have gotten a few pages done, and like Dawn said “Don’t worry if you miss a day or “get behind””. I’m about as behind as I can get, but carrying on anyway :) Most of the song prompts have been songs that I don’t know, so I am finding new songs for my ever expanding playlists on youtube!

The first page is my title page for the whole (currently non-existent for the most part) series of prompts. Even if I don’t get all the pages done in Nov, and lets face it, I’ve got about 3 and 1/2 done of 25 so far, that’s just not going to happen {Plus there’s Thanksgiving, with the cooking and the baking (YUM!!) and the kitchen doesn’t go well with the painty inky mess :) }, I still plan to make up the other pages at a later date. I like flipping through my pages from last year and seeing a page for each prompt. Even though the supper easy going guidelines for NaNoJouMo say you don’t need to make a page a day, it can be just making a mark or two in your journal for that day, I’m a bit obsessive and want a whole page! But that’s just me. Also, the pages I have managed are not in actual order, if I had an idea for a page, that’s the one I went with regardless of whether it was next in line or not.

DSC_0933 (482x600) DSC_0935 (472x600)

#1.Let it be – Super Chick. Some of the pages I’m using for this year already have prints or marks on them, mostly from the gelli plate, and while I thought that was a good idea to start with, this page seemed to make me rethink that. I had a different idea for this page, but it wasn’t working out. So when I got to this point I took the title of the song to mean more “let it be, even if you don’t like it” It still needs a bit of something although I am at a loss as to what right now.

DSC_0941 (486x600)

#2. Life is free – Arkana This one is my favorite page so far, and it re-inspired me to like the random non blank starting page.

DSC_0946 (469x600)

#5. Flowers in your hair – The Lumineers I have been practicing drawing faces from the Jane Davenport classes I’ve taken (I have been doing some art stuff, even tho I haven’t been posting on here much as of late. Face after face just seems like it would get boring, even tho drawing them is anything but boring!) and I thought this would be a great idea for this prompt!

DSC_0947 (492x600)

#6. Gravity – John Mayer I love the colors on this one, but it feels like it needs something else. Maybe something across the top or in the upper right corner…

I shall keep playing around with the prompts, I currently have a LOT to choose from at this point lol, and hopefully I will have some more done shortly!

And if you’re interested, check out this year’s NaNoJouMo prompts here.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Thinking warm thoughts

Yesterday morning I let the dog outside to find (a tiny amount really, didn’t even cover the grass completely but still) snow on the ground (O_o) Not cool! So because of that, and the wicked cold wind that made going out to run errands an ordeal, here are warmth inspiring beach pictures!! Enjoy!

DSC_0659 (600x402) DSC_0662 (600x402) DSC_0680 (600x402) DSC_0583 (600x402) DSC_0594 (600x402) DSC_0596 (600x402) DSC_0614 (600x402) DSC_0645 (600x402)

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope all is well with you where ever you are!!

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