Strathmore online workshops 2015

10246756_10153084959064709_4997731634202727779_n (600x600)

The first Strathmore online workshop for 2015 starts today! Traci Bautista is back, teaching another print and mark making workshop with Strathmore. I loved her last workshop with  Strathmore, and I am so excited for the new one! It’s a weekly lesson for 4 weeks per workshop, and it’s free! The next one will be “Acrylic painting” with Patti Mollica  starting may 4th. Workshop 3 pt 1 will be “Exploring pen and ink ‘Hand lettering and calligraphy'” with Maureen ‘Marzi’ Wilson Sep 7th, and pt 2 will be “exploring pen and ink ‘Drawing'” with Alphonso Dunn Sep 21st. Can’t wait!! The workshops will be available until Dec 31st 2015. 

It’s free to join, and definitely worth checking out! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Making the Journal…BIGGER

I just came across Pam Carriker’s great journal tutorial today, and thought it needed sharing! I love a bigger journal with room to work in, and making my own is usually the best way I have found to get the size and paper type I want.

Making the Journal…BIGGER.

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Documented life and Supplies me.

I have been thoroughly enjoying both “the Documented Life Project 2015” and Jane Davenport’s “Supplies Me”. I’ve got new prompts and videos to look forward to each week, and it has helped keep me on track and be creative regularly so far this year. With Jane’s class, I am getting more comfortable using my art supplies, and that has led to drawing and coloring some of my favorite  faces to date :) And with the dlp2015, I have been more carefree with my pages, not trying to plan out what the page needs to be from beginning to end, or to have a finished page in my mind when I start. The pages I’ve made from that haven’t necessarily been my favorites, but I’m enjoying the process. On top of those two things, I’ve been working on pages from Kelly Kilmer’s class “journey of me” and creating pages while watching youtube videos from Christy Sobolewski aka ‘gulfsprite’. I think this has led to me creating more pages in just a week or two, that I did the last 6 months of 2014 combined. Which is a good thing :) So, on to the pages!

DSC_0773 (415x600)

If you follow me on instagram(@kittyisnotamused), you would have seen this drawing when I first did it last month. I waited for a long time before coloring it because I was afraid of messing it up, but I finally got the courage to take colored pencils to it. And I love how it turned out! It is definitely my favorite face drawing I’ve done so far. :)

DSC_0774 (600x401) DSC_0775 (600x446)

Colored pencil drawings, practicing burnishing for color blending.

DSC_0780 (600x403)DSC_0786 (600x410)

Documented Life Project 2015 week’s 3 and 4.

DSC_0779 (469x600)

Journal page from magazine cutouts and scrapbook papers, with Alison Krauss lyrics. If you haven’t checked out Kelly Kilmer’s journal pages, you really should! She posts just about everyday, and her pages are very cool, filled with layers of images, paint, and markers. I love them, and I just had to get two of her classes to learn her process to start making my own!

DSC_0777 (480x600)

And this is a random journal page that I started out with some doodling, and then colored with watercolors. The paper is not watercolor paper, and so the paints didn’t behave very well on it, and I wasn’t able to get the blending I wanted to because the paints soaked into the papers too quickly. But It was fun just to play and try out a medium I don’t use very often. I added details and tried to get some better blending with colored pencils, and I like it a bit better now than when it was just watercolor on the page. Practice practice! Christy Sobolewski has a channel on youtube where she shows her daily journal pages, creates whole pages on camera, and does journal flips, on a regular basis, so if you are looking for inspiration, that is a good channel to check out!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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IMG_3675 (521x600)

I was working on some new journals for my Etsy shop the other day and it got me to thinking about the different things you can use as a cover. I usually prefer a hardcover, like heavy chipboard or bookboard, but sometimes I am drawn to soft covers that you can fold under the book while you work. And making journals to sell,well that means I can work with a whole lot of different materials because peoples taste varies so much :) So I was wondering, what’s your favorite kind of cover?

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Can you tell I’m a *bit* obsessed?

January has been filled with quite a bit of art time, and a couple of visits from family, so it has been a great month so far :)

Jane Davenport’s workshop ‘Supplies me‘ is running live right now, and I am loving the new videos and going over the techniques again. If you haven’t taken a class from Jane, you really should! She is a wonderful teacher, and she explains things in a very graspable way. In ‘Supplies me’ she shows you how to use all of your art supplies while creating beautiful and inspiring pages in her art journal. She also has a book that just came out called ‘Drawing and painting beautiful faces’ that is just filled with awesomeness! It’s loaded with her art, shows step by step how to draw and paint faces, and talks about art supplies and how to use them. It’s like having a portion of ‘Supplies me’ in a portable and hug-able slice of happy goodness :) I am very much a visual person, and while I love, love, LOVE the book, I also LOVE being able to watch Jane create faces and pages in real time while listening to her explanations and direction, so I am a big advocate for the class with it’s videos and more in-depth coverage! (I am not affiliated with Jane or any of her classes, I’m just in love with her art, classes, ect, and want to share the love :P )

All right, enough art love puppy eyes, time for some show and tell!

DSC_0749 (600x401)DSC_0750 (377x600)DSC_0751 (368x600)                                                             Some pen sketches for Jane Davenport’s ‘Supplies me’ workshop. I tested almost every pen I could find in our living room pen cup, and might have tucked a favorite or two away to my art room afterwards :P

DSC_0769 (600x423)    Pen with distress stains

DSC_0763 (600x404)Acrylic spray paint background, with distress stain, acrylic paint, and colored pencils on top. (again, can’t recommend Jane’s classes enough! This face compared to the faces I used to be able to draw, so much improvement!!) Still needs some words, but for right now it’s done :)

The Documented Life Projects week 2 prompt was the quote “The beginning is always today” by Mary Shelley and the art challenge was gesso. I used gesso through a couple of stencils, then added acrylic inks and splatters. I added some stamps, then I used a script brush to add doodles in ink and gesso, as well as add the quote. The ink is very vibrant, but I couldn’t make my camera cooperate in capturing the colors properly, so it definitely looks better in person. I went into this one without a clear idea of what I wanted to do, so it was mostly just playing and seeing what happened. I don’t think it looks “finished” but I’m not sure what, if anything, I could add to make it feel more finished to me.DSC_0759 (600x413)DSC_0760 (477x600)DSC_0761 (457x600)

The colors are definitely more awesome in person, I’m going to have to work on my camera skills to get it closer to capturing the real colors in the future….

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Journal pages!

Happy New Year! A little late, but it’s the thought that counts :)

There’s been quite a bit of arting going on here! Faces, a spread for the documented life project 2015 (yep, trying that again :P ), some frolicaholic doodling, and some new supply tests, whoo hoo! I also just started Jodi Ohl’s ‘Podtastic’ class, and Jan Davenport’s ‘Supplies me’ is  running live again this month, so there is a lot of art fun to be had! Which hopefully means I will get back to posting on the blog regularly again :)

DSC_0636 (600x393) Shading practice with colored pencils over acrylic paints.

DSC_0637 (416x600) DSC_0639 (462x600)

Doodle inspired by Jane’s ‘Frolicoholic” class, added to a page in progress.

DSC_0641 (429x600)

More face practice over a gelli plate print.

IMG_3421 (508x600)

Drawing and shading, useing a blending stump with graphite.

DSC_0735 (600x418) DSC_0736 (393x600) DSC_0737 (405x600)

My documented life spread for the first prompt. The Documented life project is free if you want to get on board, you can check it out on facebook or on the site. This months theme is ‘the blank page and how to face it’. But I don’t really have a problem with the blank page. I have a problem when I get my page halfway done and I love it but don’t want to do anything to it or add words because I don’t want to mess it up! That’s my biggest problem :P Like with the spread above, once I got the color down and I really liked them, I didn’t want to add anything else! I think it’s funny that one of my goals for this year is to fill an art journal, it may end up being a journal full of awesome backgrounds but nothing else :D The challenge for this (this year they are doing a theme for the month, an art challenge, and the prompt.) was to use book pages, super easy, I’m not against ripping up a book that’s in bad shape or that I didn’t like. And the prompt was goals. Check, check, and double check!

While running some errands the other day I got this picture of fog below the mountains:DSC_0720 (600x324)


With the cold weather lately, there have been a lot of kitty cuddles around here.IMG_3472 (450x600)

Gizmo demanding chin skritches, how can you say no to that face :P

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Goodbye NC, hellooooooo AZ!

14937568584_2b5a177068_oThings are finally calming down around here. Whew! We moved across the country (again), finally got a house, moved in, cleaned it (so glad THAT is finally over) and are just about all unpacked. It has been a long freaking month! The whole moving thing seemed like such an impossible task at times, especially on the drive here, but we made it :) (having done this twice already I’m not sure why this time was different, but I was definitely more stressed this time) The drive was very pretty at times tho, and I rocked out to oldies most of the way ;P

There was a small crisis at one of the hotels on the way over when one of our little darling fuzzballs, Gizmo, played Houdini and crawled into the wall through a small hole under the sink to hide under the shower, causing me to panic. She wouldn’t come out for anything; not sweet talking, food, snacks, or even wet cat food. Finally the manager went into the next room and banged on the bathtub wall in there, which scared her out. I wanted to simultaneously hug and strangle her. After that every hotel room was thoroughly inspected for even the smallest escapist opportunity.


She has since adjusted well after her recapture, lol.

In between packing and moving, I got some knitting done. Check out my new cute pom pom hat:0143895fb9e356b6f51e6c4d68eb47347e2c273e73 018ad0154da4bbc76acf6244558f040df17cb967cd (ignore the packing mess, please)

I love this hat! It’s cute, it’s comfy, it was pretty fast to knit. The yarn is Malabrigo Yarns Rios, color Jupiter. And the pattern is Karen Borrel’s “I heart Pom Poms hat” found on Ravelry. Love it!

My craft room has been the last to get unpacked, and I can’t wait to get it all out of boxes and organized! There are a lot of cool challenges/daily art journal prompts going on right now, and coming up soon, like Dawn Sokol’s NaNoJouMo, and her online holiday art journaling workshop that starts Dec 2nd(free), there was inktober from Jake Parker (which I completely missed being internet-less almost all of October, but there are some awesome and inspiring things all over the internet that people have made in relation to it, so I am still checking it all out), NaNoWRiMo, The Documented Life project from Art to the 5th, which will be starting anew Jan 1st (so hopefully I will be able to keep up with it this time ;P ), just to name a few.  I also signed up for another Jane Davenport class, Frolicaholic, and I just bought Alena Hennessy’s new book “The Painting Workbook” which I can’t wait to get into! So I really need to get my art stuff out and accessible soon :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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