My creative process

Some people need a clean workspace to create, I work best in slightly organized chaos! This is my recent mess from working on just one journal:

I know, this looks terrible, but I work well in my mess. When I’m working on more than one journal at a time, the mess is even bigger :). I find so many more ideas and inspiration when things aren’t  neat. Color combinations I hadn’t thought of before, new layering ideas, even new journal layout ideas!

My hubby often says I have crafting  A.D.D, since I can be in the middle of one project, have an idea strike, and be off to start a new project! But it works for me, its my creative process. Having different projects going in various stages of completion means I always have something to work on no matter what my mood.

When I’m in a knitting or crocheting mood, there have been many days my hubby has come home to find yarn covering every available flat surface in the living room. I love looking through all of my yarn and seeing the possibilities of each skein, and paging through books and magazines looking for new patterns and inspiration. Sometimes is takes a huge mess to find my next project!

Speaking of projects, the double cap I’m working on is about half way done. I am starting to suspect that ignoring the gauge swatch I did, where I had to go up a needle size to get close to the needed gauge, and using the smaller needles anyway may not work out as well as I had naively hoped. Still have my fingers crossed though!

Brim up

Nova, such a cute lil fat guy!


About kittyisnotamused

I am an eclectic crafter whose hobbies currently include knitting, crochet, making journals, cooking, and quilting, although I have also been addicted to jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, and many others. My passion for creating runs a wide gamut and jumps back and forth from new hobbies to old often. I live with my hubby and our 3 pets: 1 grown puppy with the attention span of a goldfish, and 2 lazy chubby kitties. Kitties who, despite my best efforts to gain their enthusiasm, show no interest in what I'm working on except to lay on whatever it is occasionally. The hubby's reactions are better, which is why he gets many handmade items and the kitties only a few, but his reactions are usually confused smiles and nods with "thats great sweety!" The dog shows the most enthusiasm but mostly that translates into her trying to snot and eat whatever I am showing to her... I suppose thats just life tho :) Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave a comment!
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3 Responses to My creative process

  1. Haha, my space looks so much like yours! I have to have several projects going at the same time as well, but for me, it’s about having absolutely NO patience when something is drying! I can’t stand the wait, so I have several things going at once. Then I can just work on something else. Otherwise, I’ll keep walking by and touching it to “see” if it’s dry, lol.
    Cute kitty!
    xoxo Dana

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