Rachael Ray, you are my cooking guru!

I was never much of a cooking show fan before, because so much of what I saw the chefs making were things I had never even heard of with ingredients I could never find in any store near me, or they were so expensive that eating out everyday for a week would have been more do-able. But then I found Rachael Ray! She makes normal food, but with a lot of flavor and new twists. Watching her 30 minute meals has really helped me cook better! I often have an episode playing in the background while I cook, even if I’m not making anything from that episode (though often I am making at least one thing, or using a technique from the episode) because I’m a dork and think it’s fun to watch cooking shows. 😛 While watching her show I’ve learned how to make rice pilaf (so yummy!), the best way to clean mushrooms, the recipe for honey mustard chicken (so freaking good!!!), and so much more! When I’m cooking now, I am better able to wing recipes when I don’t have all the required ingredients listed, because I have learned enough to feel confident with changing recipes or substituting ingredients.

Which brings me to today. I had planned to make feta cheese stuffed chicken with tomato and basil on top, but when I started to pull out ingredients, I remembered I had already used the tomato. I didn’t feel like going to the store just for one thing, so after a quick check of the fridge, I decided to swap mushrooms and onions for the tomato, and add the feta cheese and basil to the orzo pasta. Then since I had pita bread in the cupboard I decided to have seasoned baked pita chips on the side. I should have made some broccoli or something, the plate could have used some greens, but it was still delicious!!

Cooking has become such a fun past time for me, and I’m excited when I try a new recipe, or make one up as I go, and it turns out good. Chopping veggies is absolutely my favorite part of cooking, so much fun!

Still having fun with the 30 Days of lists, everyone is making such fun and creative lists! Today’s list is #6 “Things to collect”. I seriously could have filled 2 pages with the things I love to collect, but kept it down to only one lol.

The list reads :

  • Pretty papers
  • Sea glass
  • Sharks teeth
  • Mini coopers
  • Yarn
  • Stickers
  • Knitting books
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Pretty bottles
  • Cool fabrics
  • Pens and markers

Lists #4 &#5 were  “Things I’ll put off until tomorrow” and “Words to live by”

Can’t wait to see the next lists!

Who is your favorite cook or what is your favorite recipe?


About kittyisnotamused

I am an eclectic crafter whose hobbies currently include knitting, crochet, making journals, cooking, and quilting, although I have also been addicted to jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, and many others. My passion for creating runs a wide gamut and jumps back and forth from new hobbies to old often. I live with my hubby and our 3 pets: 1 grown puppy with the attention span of a goldfish, and 2 lazy chubby kitties. Kitties who, despite my best efforts to gain their enthusiasm, show no interest in what I'm working on except to lay on whatever it is occasionally. The hubby's reactions are better, which is why he gets many handmade items and the kitties only a few, but his reactions are usually confused smiles and nods with "thats great sweety!" The dog shows the most enthusiasm but mostly that translates into her trying to snot and eat whatever I am showing to her... I suppose thats just life tho :) Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave a comment!
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4 Responses to Rachael Ray, you are my cooking guru!

  1. Hi There Kittyisnotamused,
    Interesting Post, If you are planning to use Rachael Ray recipes, you can look forward to preparing foods that will be as unique as you are. Without a question, you will always be encouraged to add a few extra items, as well as subtract ones from the list. You may even find that these recipes provide a good solid basis for creating variations that you would not have come up with if using a conventional cookbook. At the very least, when you aren’t relying on weights and measures, your mind will be free to focus on the pure flavor of each item that you are trying to prepare.
    Kindest Regards

  2. My favorite cook is my hubby! Over the years, he has “ruined” wanting to go out to eat, as he makes my food catered totally for my tastes 🙂
    And over the years, he has taught me to cook a little bit, it has always seemed like a chore for me…I actually enjoy cooking every once in a while now!
    Yours looks soooo yummy!

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