The journal get a couple finished pages

I finished up these journal pages on Fri, inspired by the roll I was on after finishing the last 2 page spread from Wed.  These 2 pages were both done over backgrounds I wasn’t particularly fond of, but after some tweaking I’m happy with how they turned out.

I used watered down acrylic paint, gesso, stayz on ink, ink markers, stamps, security envelope pieces, gel medium, india ink, and stickers for this page.

I was inspired for this page after finding myself tired of the music I was listening to, and annoyed by everything on tv, until I turned it all off and was just enjoying the quiet in the house. It is a fairly simple page, but one I am happy with.  I used acrylic paint, a white out pen, and some gel pens. When I said I tweaked the backgrounds for these pages until I liked them, with this one that meant painting over what was there completely 🙂 And then I liked it so much better!

I am really happy to see that when I flip through my art journal now, there are a lot more finished pages, whereas before most where in various stages and I had no idea where I wanted to go with most of them. Still a long way from filling up this journal tho, I made it with a ton of pages 😀


About kittyisnotamused

I am an eclectic crafter whose hobbies currently include knitting, crochet, making journals, cooking, and quilting, although I have also been addicted to jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, and many others. My passion for creating runs a wide gamut and jumps back and forth from new hobbies to old often. I live with my hubby and our 3 pets: 1 grown puppy with the attention span of a goldfish, and 2 lazy chubby kitties. Kitties who, despite my best efforts to gain their enthusiasm, show no interest in what I'm working on except to lay on whatever it is occasionally. The hubby's reactions are better, which is why he gets many handmade items and the kitties only a few, but his reactions are usually confused smiles and nods with "thats great sweety!" The dog shows the most enthusiasm but mostly that translates into her trying to snot and eat whatever I am showing to her... I suppose thats just life tho :) Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave a comment!
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6 Responses to The journal get a couple finished pages

  1. I love both these pages and I so know what you mean about sometimes needing silence. Looking forward to seeing much more of you art.
    Big love
    AJ 🙂

  2. zakryc says:

    Vera would not appreciate me saying it, but sometimes I could deff use some silence from her 🙂

  3. Fiber Lily says:

    They look wonderful and dreamy 🙂

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