The good, the eh, and the ugly

I am still loving the book “Brave intuitive painting” by Flora Bowley. It isn’t a book about how to paint just like her, instead it is a book that encourages you to find your own style and unique way to express yourself in your painting. She gives prompts and challenges to get you started, and encourages you to let your painting evolve organically. She explains the color wheel and how to use colors without creating mud, she talks about different tools and ways to use them, and ways to recharge and get the creative juices flowing again when the painting is beginning to feel forced or you are struggling. Basically, when you are over thinking things… which I tend to do, a lot. Its a book I’m happy I bought and I know I will be reading through it time and again for inspiration. (Also check out her blog for some amazing painting inspiration.)

So, here is what I have been working on inspired by this book:

Its still in progress. My favorite part about painting is if I don’t like something about what I’m working on, I can paint over that part and change it! Love that!! So far this is the one I have been working on the most. This “letting go and painting freely” thing isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, I think I spend more time staring at the paper than I do actually painting 🙂

This one is my favorite so far, even though it is the most bare. I love spray painting, I don’t know how you can’t have fun with it! And the drips make me happy!

This one is my least favorite, the stencils seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but now not so much. But I know I can paint over it until I like it 😀   Having multiple places to work at one time is helpful because while one painting is drying, you can be working on the other(s). Plus if you are using cool tone colors on one, you want to make sure that is dry before adding warm tones, or vice versa. Otherwise it could turn into mud 😦

So much possibility, so much fun! I hope you are having a great day!


About kittyisnotamused

I am an eclectic crafter whose hobbies currently include knitting, crochet, making journals, cooking, and quilting, although I have also been addicted to jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, and many others. My passion for creating runs a wide gamut and jumps back and forth from new hobbies to old often. I live with my hubby and our 3 pets: 1 grown puppy with the attention span of a goldfish, and 2 lazy chubby kitties. Kitties who, despite my best efforts to gain their enthusiasm, show no interest in what I'm working on except to lay on whatever it is occasionally. The hubby's reactions are better, which is why he gets many handmade items and the kitties only a few, but his reactions are usually confused smiles and nods with "thats great sweety!" The dog shows the most enthusiasm but mostly that translates into her trying to snot and eat whatever I am showing to her... I suppose thats just life tho :) Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave a comment!
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4 Responses to The good, the eh, and the ugly

  1. Fiber Lily says:

    These look so great! Thank fo recommending the book. I have it on hold at the library. I can’t wait till it comes in.

  2. Hello, I love these paintings, even your ‘least favourite’ looks great to me. I am taking a class with Flora in Septembe, and I am so excited about it. Hopefully I will be able to buy her book there too.
    Big love
    AJ 🙂

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