Using up some of my gelli prints (finally! :P)

(I am seeing a trend develop here: I don’t post for a long time, then I assault you with a multitude of pictures. Terribly sorry about that 😛 )

I was watching some youtube videos the other day and came across Kiala Givehand’s video “book-in-a-day 19, duct tape book.” I thought it was an awesome way to use some of the loose pages I really liked, but didn’t want to fold in half. ( Kiala folded her pages to make her book, but I didn’t have any problems using just individual sheets to make mine.) Everything I needed to make my book was found in my craft room already, so I could get started right away, I hate waiting! I used a variety of papers: some long so they could be fold out pages, some smaller, some heavy, some light weight, most of them gelli prints or gelli printing clean up pages, some painted papers, a transparency, some journal pages already in progress, ect. ( it cleared out only a tiny amount of space in my gelli prints folder, but hey, I tried lol ) The lighter pages I glued together back-to-back, to help strengthen them. I used heavy boards from an old magazine holder I had for the covers. I cut the large front and back rectangle pieces apart from the sides and bottom of the holder, and sanded them because the surface was shiny and I wanted to glue papers over them. The most time consuming part of this whole process was waiting for glue to dry :/ Other than that, it was pretty quick! I used the duct tape for the spine, since I didn’t have a folded cover, and it has been holding up very well! This is, to date, my favorite handmade journal ever!

DSC_0878 (402x600)DSC_0917 (600x402) DSC_0883 (600x402) DSC_0886 (600x402) DSC_0887 (600x402) DSC_0888 (600x402) DSC_0889 (600x402) DSC_0890 (600x402) DSC_0891 (600x402) DSC_0892 (600x402) DSC_0893 (600x402) DSC_0894 (600x402) DSC_0895 (600x402) DSC_0896 (600x402) DSC_0897 (600x402) DSC_0899 (600x402) DSC_0900 (600x402) DSC_0901 (600x402) DSC_0902 (600x402) DSC_0903 (600x402) DSC_0904 (600x402) DSC_0905 (600x402) DSC_0906 (600x402) DSC_0908 (600x402) DSC_0910 (600x402) DSC_0912 (600x402) DSC_0913 (600x402) DSC_0914 (600x402) DSC_0916 (600x402) DSC_0882 (402x600) DSC_0879 (402x600)

I wasn’t too worried about page placement, I usually work on pages as singles anyway, not two-page spreads. I am seriously loving this journal, I love the weight of the heavy covers, the feel of all the painted papers, it’s awesome 🙂


About kittyisnotamused

I am an eclectic crafter whose hobbies currently include knitting, crochet, making journals, cooking, and quilting, although I have also been addicted to jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, and many others. My passion for creating runs a wide gamut and jumps back and forth from new hobbies to old often. I live with my hubby and our 3 pets: 1 grown puppy with the attention span of a goldfish, and 2 lazy chubby kitties. Kitties who, despite my best efforts to gain their enthusiasm, show no interest in what I'm working on except to lay on whatever it is occasionally. The hubby's reactions are better, which is why he gets many handmade items and the kitties only a few, but his reactions are usually confused smiles and nods with "thats great sweety!" The dog shows the most enthusiasm but mostly that translates into her trying to snot and eat whatever I am showing to her... I suppose thats just life tho :) Thanks for stopping in, feel free to leave a comment!
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7 Responses to Using up some of my gelli prints (finally! :P)

  1. ukmaryanne says:

    I agree – totally awesome. I love finding a great way to use ALLLLLL those gelli prints 🙂
    Love all the pages but some are really striking and some beautifully subtle. Such a wonderful mix.
    Mary Anne

    PS there must be a mug out that that says “Keep Calm and Gelli Print On” and if not, there should be….. 🙂

  2. Great pages!! Thanks for bringing attention to those great videos also–I can see I’ll be spending a lot of time on YouTube watching all those books in a day posts. Still haven’t tried gelli-prints but your pages are certainly pulling me in–such a wonderful variety of designs.

    • I love the book-in-a-day videos! Even just having them on in the background and listening as I work on something else, can be very inspiring! And gelli printing is super addicting ;P Just a forewarning, lol

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