Watkins Glen Gorge

Part 2 of our NY trip was the Watkins Glen gorge. It was so beautiful! There were waterfalls all over, over 800 stone steps (my legs were NOT happy with me by the time we reached the top, but it was so worth it!), stone walls, tunnels, and multiple bridges. (My stone structure obsession continues! lol) The gorge trail winds under and around multiple waterfalls, so close to the waterfalls at times that you can reach out and touch the water! Which I didn’t, cause it was a bit chilly the day we went and I hate being cold 🙂 At a couple of the waterfalls, the path took you behind the falls, making for some very cool pictures and even a few videos! Haven’t figured out if/how I can upload videos here yet, so that will take some looking into. Halfway through my camera battery died and I had to switch cameras, so some of the pictures have an orange date on them and some don’t.

This post has many, many pictures. Watkins Glen was so beautiful it was hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

IMG_1397 (450x600) IMG_1418 (450x600) IMG_1422 (450x600) IMG_1426 (450x600) IMG_1428 (450x600) IMG_1430 (450x600) IMG_1445 (450x600) IMG_1482 (450x600) IMG_1490 (450x600) IMG_1494 (450x600) IMG_1499 (450x600) IMG_1504 (450x600)  IMG_1540 (450x600)IMG_1530 (450x600)IMG_1533 (450x600)  IMG_1582 (600x450) IMG_1586 (450x600) IMG_1590 (450x600) IMG_1624 (450x600) IMG_1652 (450x600) IMG_1674 (450x600) IMG_1682 (450x600) IMG_1707 (450x600) IMG_1756 (450x600) IMG_1775 (450x600) IMG_1781 (450x600) IMG_1792 (450x600) IMG_1805 (450x600) IMG_1830 (450x600) IMG_1858 (600x600) IMG_1870 (450x600) IMG_1879 (450x600) IMG_1889 (450x600)IMG_1893 (450x600)

IMG_1910 (450x600) IMG_1926 (450x600) IMG_1935 (450x600) IMG_1944 (450x600) IMG_1949 (450x600) IMG_1957 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 062 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 118 (600x450) NYC trip pics 8gb card 176 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 178 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 185 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 191 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 238 (600x450) NYC trip pics 8gb card 240 (600x450) NYC trip pics 8gb card 245 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 250 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 254 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 257 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 274 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 308 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 318 (450x600) NYC trip pics 8gb card 323 (600x450) NYC trip pics 8gb card 327 (450x600)

 If you ever get the chance to visit the finger lakes of NY, I definitely recommend checking out the Watkins Glen gorge! Bring extra camera batteries. And good walking shoes! And maybe someone willing to carry you back down…. 😛

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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2 Responses to Watkins Glen Gorge

  1. Denise Spillane says:

    Loved seeing these pictures! Watkins Glen is where I had my first fear of heights experience. Climbed up beside a waterfall cause we were going to get behind it. I froze on this very narrow edge. Thanks for sharing all the beauty of that area.

    • Hi Denise! The area is definitely beautiful, I hope we can go back again soon. And I hear you on the heights thing; when we were up on the bridge looking down I was very shaky! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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