Corning Museum of Glass

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The fourth and final stop on our mini vacation to NY was the Corning Museum of Glass. It was amazing! It was visually interesting, there was history, and some science stuffs, so it was a fun and educational experience!

(I would like to warn you in advance of the amount of pictures in this post; I tried to keep it narrowed down to just my favorites, but there is still a TON! They have all been sized down to hopefully help speed the loading of things along. If you have ever been to the Corning Glass Museum, you know how hard it is to only share a few of the awesome things you saw 🙂 )

I tried to get pictures of the plaques for each statue/sculpture/ect, but I know there were a few I missed because of tour groups and such. Not only to give the artists the credit they deserve, but I also wanted to make sure anyone who was interested can look up more info on anything that catches their eye, without too much trouble. (Just in case their interest turns them into an obsessive sleuth like it does me 🙂 )

IMG_2276 (450x600)IMG_1258 (450x600)IMG_2274 (450x600)  IMG_1259 (450x600) IMG_1995 (600x450) IMG_1996 (450x600) IMG_1997 (450x600) IMG_1998 (450x600) IMG_1999 (450x600) IMG_2008 (450x600) IMG_2007 (600x450)IMG_2006 (450x600)  IMG_2009 (450x600) IMG_2011 (600x450)IMG_2010 (450x600)  IMG_2013 (600x450) IMG_2014 (450x600) IMG_2066 (450x600)  IMG_2073 (450x600) IMG_2075 (600x450)IMG_2074 (600x450)    IMG_2091 (600x450)IMG_2089 (600x450)IMG_2090 (600x450)IMG_2086 (600x450)  IMG_2094 (450x600) IMG_2097 (600x450) IMG_2103 (600x450) IMG_2104 (600x450)  IMG_2109 (600x450) IMG_2111 (600x450) IMG_2113 (600x450)IMG_1203 (600x450)  IMG_2116 (600x450)IMG_2115 (600x450) IMG_2117 (600x450) IMG_2118 (600x450) IMG_2138 (600x450)IMG_2135 (600x450)  IMG_1215 (600x450)IMG_2136 (600x450)   IMG_2139 (600x450) IMG_2147 (600x450)IMG_2143 (450x600) IMG_2146 (600x450)IMG_2145 (450x600)   IMG_2149 (450x600)  IMG_2153 (600x450)IMG_2152 (450x600)  IMG_2155 (600x450)IMG_2154 (450x600) IMG_2156 (450x600)IMG_2169 (450x600)IMG_2166 (450x600)

We got to see a couple of live glass shows, which was so cool! They have small demos every hour or two, where you can see the process up close. Then they have actual shows, with rows of seats, a stage, microphones, ect. The big shows are glass blowing, versus the flamework the guy did in the demo. The big shows are awesome, and in depth, but you don’t get to  be as close to the action. In the demo we saw, the guy made a cute little glass penguin. 🙂

IMG_2161 (450x600)IMG_2157 (450x600)IMG_2163 (450x600)


IMG_2165 (450x600)    IMG_2260 (450x600)

The tower of Pyrex dishes demonstrates the way different kiln temperatures affects the color of the glass. (I think. Apparently I either deleted or forgot to take a picture of the info for this,  but I’m pretty sure I remember this being about the different temps and the way they change the color of the glass. If you have any info on it, feel free to leave a message! )

IMG_2175 (450x600)IMG_2176 (450x600)IMG_2177 (450x600)IMG_2170 (450x600)IMG_2171 (600x450)IMG_2172 (600x450)IMG_2173 (600x450)IMG_2174 (600x450)   IMG_2182 (450x600) IMG_2183 (450x600) IMG_1226 (600x450)IMG_2185 (450x600) IMG_2188 (450x600)IMG_2189 (450x600)IMG_2186 (600x450) IMG_2187 (600x450)    IMG_2227 (600x450) IMG_2231 (450x600)IMG_2229 (450x600)

I think the cage cups were my favorite part of the “history of glass” area of the museum. I love the combination of glass and metal,  and the intricate carving of the designs. LOVE!IMG_2232 (600x450)IMG_2230 (600x450)   IMG_2233 (600x450) IMG_2235 (450x600) IMG_2244 (450x600)IMG_2245 (600x450)IMG_2242 (600x450) IMG_2243 (600x450)   IMG_2246 (450x600) IMG_2258 (450x600)IMG_2257 (450x600)  IMG_1257 (450x600)IMG_2259 (600x450) IMG_2263 (600x450)

This is a huge glass blank (200 inches) was made for the Palomar Observatory telescope, but part of the mold slipped during casting and it couldn’t be used. My dad thought I was really interested in the telescope lens, then laughed when I said I was taking the picture just because I liked the pattern. That’s how I roll 😛

IMG_2266 (450x600) IMG_2268 (450x600)


It was such a fun time, and I learned a lot, which is always great! While we were there, they were expanding the museum by adding on another wing, so in the future there will be even more to see. Yay!

If you ever get the chance to check out the Corning NY area, I definitely recommend doing so. There is a lot of things to do and check out, and the Corning Glass Museum is awesome 🙂 Make sure and give yourself at least a day to check out the Museum, there is so much to see and the live shows are amazing!

There are also shops and stores along the main street in Corning that are cool to check out too! Including a coffee shop, and an ice cream place (So delicious! And goes well with the coffee!). We wandered around the main street and stopped in to a few local glass artists’ studios/shops, which was so cool! There is so much you can do with glass, and it was awesome to see people’s creativity and imagination in their work. There might be 3 or 4 glass workers sharing the same studio, but each person is creating something different and unique from what the others are doing. I loved it!! It really made me wish I wasn’t so clumsy and accident prone, I would love to learn to work with glass!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for checking out all of the pictures! I hope you weren’t too bored 🙂



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  1. zakryc says:

    Wow, that place is amazing. I will definitely add it to my list of must visit museums. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

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