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Hello!  Welcome to this slightly photo heavy post of our recent trip to Canyon lake, Tortilla flats, and the Roosevelt dam.

We had some family come to visit for Thanksgiving, and we had a great time. It was the first time we had people over for Thanksgiving since we’ve been married, so I was a little worried about cooking for more than just 2 people. It all turned out well though, and most of Thanksgiving dinner was done at about the same time, which was quite an accomplishment for me 😛 While they were here, we took a couple of sight seeing trips around the area to Tortilla flats, the Roosevelt dam, and Tombstone.

We did the Tortilla flats, and the Roosevelt dam in one trip, because they are both fairly close to each other, and we stopped at Canyon lake for a bit too since it was on the way. It was overcast for most of the day, and a bit chilly, but it was a great trip, and the sunset was amazing!

If you’ve ever been to Tortilla flats, you know how winding and narrow and slightly terrifying the road (route 88) can be getting there. If you haven’t been there before, I highly recommend an anti-nausea medication beforehand. I’m not sure if it was the winding-ness of the road, or just sitting in the back of the car, but I was definitely getting a bit carsick by the time we reached Tortilla flats. It didn’t last too long once we were out of the car tho, so that was good. And it also didn’t stop me from taking pictures the whole way, after we got home I had about 620 pictures on my camera just from the Tortilla flats/Roosevelt dam trip alone.

DSC_0425 (600x401) DSC_0179 (600x401)DSC_0206 (600x401)DSC_0286 (600x401)DSC_0311 (600x401) (600x401)DSC_0344 (600x401) (2)DSC_0353 (600x401)DSC_0371 (600x401)

Tortilla Flats is a neat little place with a mining era feel. They have a saloon/restaurant, a little museum that used to be a school house, a general store, and few other buildings. It was pretty busy when we were there, so I only have a few pictures. The museum was super claustrophobic feeling, as there were about 4 people in there at one time, and that was 3 too many! The walls in the restaurant and general store are almost completely covered in one dollar bills that people from all over the world have written their names on and hung up, which was cool. And the bar stools in the saloon were saddles, which I nearly wiped out trying to get on and off of. :/ Being short is rough, lol.

DSC_0382 (600x401)DSC_0399 (600x401)DSC_0394 (600x401)DSC_0398 (600x401) DSC_0408 (600x401)DSC_0411 (600x401)DSC_0413 (600x401)

After Canyon lake and Tortilla flats, we had to move a bit faster to make it to Roosevelt dam before the sun set. We made it before dark and got to see an awesome sunset over the mountains. My camera was doing weird things with some of the colors, but I love how most of the pictures turned out!

DSC_0435 (600x401)DSC_0480 (600x401) DSC_0481 (600x401) DSC_0489 (600x401) DSC_0504 (600x401) DSC_0518 (600x401) DSC_0548 (600x401) DSC_0552 (600x401) DSC_0566 (600x401) DSC_0573 (401x600) DSC_0574 (401x600) DSC_0579 (600x401)         DSC_0698 (600x401) DSC_0699 (600x401)DSC_0660 (600x401) DSC_0704 (600x401) DSC_0708 (600x401) DSC_0714 (600x401)   DSC_0734 (600x401)DSC_0716 (600x401)DSC_0731 (600x401)

I love the Arizona sunsets so much! I don’t know if I have just not noticed the sunsets as much in other places we have lived, or if the sunsets are just more spectacular here, but we have seen some amazing ones since we’ve moved here!

It was such a fun trip and we got to see so many beautiful things, I’m so glad we were able to go.

Next up: Tombstone

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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